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Author T.I. Wade

Thanks for visiting my online home! I invite you to browse the areas to learn about my books, thoughts on current events, exciting happenings, & more.

About Me: I was born in Bromley, Kent, England in 1954. (So was H.G. Wells a century earlier! I believe he died eight years before I was born, only a mile or so apart.) My father, a banker, was promoted with an International Bank to Africa and our young family moved to Africa in 1956.

I grew up in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and once I completed my mandatory military commitments at 23, I  left Africa to mature in Europe. I enjoyed Europe and lived in three countries throughout 15 years: England, Germany and Portugal. I enjoyed learning their ways of life, and languages, before returning to Africa; Cape Town in 1989. There I owned and ran a restaurant, a coffee manufacturing and retail business, flew a Cessna 210 around desolate southern Africa and finally achieved marriage to a very forgiving and fantastic person in 1992.

Due to the upheavals of the political turmoil in South Africa, our Wade family of three moved to the United States in 1996. Park City, Utah was where my writing career began in 1997. To date, 2015, I have written seventeen novels.
The first series I wrote, The Book of Tolan, will be enjoyed by adults who like a bit of “naughty” in their lives.
The saga has the real feelings, real trials, and real-like history of an average family going through a few centuries of life.
Volume I is in the past, Volume II, present, and Volume III in the future. Volume III, It Could Happen is still in draft form, although for sale on Amazon, and will be complete in 2016.
My dystopian series, INVASION USA, has been a top selling hit series, addressing the question, What could happen if every bit of technology created in China in the past 30 years were to all shut down at once?
My Political Thriller/Science Fiction series, AMERICA ONE, is another hard-hitting series, with a greater focus on technology and space exploration. Integrating current events in such a way that you can fully imagine this happening, it is positioned to be another top-selling series.
My new range of three novels, The Banker’s Club, is a hard-hitting two-novel series on the world banks, how powerful they are and maybe, one day could attempt an Economic World Coup against all of us?
Thanks for visiting! I’d like to get to know you—my readers—too! Please feel free to comment below, join me on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TIWadeAuthor or get to know me however you best feel comfortable!
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46 Responses to Welcome, want something new to read? Try a few of these:-

  1. Mitchell says:

    I hope that the invasion Europe book is still on the cards

    Have re read your series soo many times now it would be great to have that extra book to add to the story

  2. Lawrence says:

    Hello, Mr. T,

    I just finished Invasion 1, and enjoyed it very much. I’m looking forward to #2 with somewhat trepidation as I just learned a few moments ago from reading your comments that the series are what you call “dystopian”. I’ve not had good experiences with dystopian novels as they tend to have a trend of small disasters for the “good guys” culminating in a bad ending. I like to read stories that have a feel good ending. When I was twelve years old I used to read western novels from my Dad’s collection until one day I picked up one about a young outlaw who decided to go straight. The story was written really well and I became emotionally involved in the story until the very last page when the young outlaw in his efforts to go straight decided to turn himself in to the local sheriff. As he was about to enter the sheriff’s office, a bounty hunter shot and killed him. I suppose the long forgotten author had intended a moral lesson for his younger readers, but l was horrified and in shock that my hero had been killed. For quite some time I never read another book without first checking the back of the book to make sure it had a good ending. Lol.
    Does this series have a good ending? If it does I will buy the rest of the books in it. Or do we who remain wind up learning to speak Chinese?

    • Tollan says:

      Hi Lawrence,
      I believe the four-book series has a happy ending. Yes, no war is perfect and heroes and bad guys are killed. I believe you will enjoy the series, but don’t root for the General. (A small suggestion).
      Enjoy, and no the U.S. stays the U.S.

  3. David Berry says:

    Hello Mr Wade,
    I have just finished the 4 books of the Invasion USA series. MY Mum was born in Bromley, Kent by the way.
    Thinking from a British perspective about what would happen on this side of the pond on that fateful new year eve, I would have thought for one think that there would be very few airplanes flying at what would be 05:00 GMT over Britain. I have driven on January 1st here in Devon and also in London and the road traffic is also very sparse.
    We would be very unprepared though for a loss of all things electrical and there are far fewer “survivalist” types on this Island, one of the better things however is the warmer climate, especially here in the west country, and a relative lack of guns in most places. There would be widespread panic and fear however.
    with regards
    David Berry

    • Author says:

      Hi David,
      Maybe I should come and visit you in Britain when I do my research on INVASION EUROPE?
      I’ll get to the book pretty soon-either end-2015 or 2016.
      Tollan Wade

  4. Mitch Depaepe says:

    Dear T.I. Wade,

    First of all GOOD JOB! America one is one of the best books I ever listen to. I to start to enjoy audiobooks more lately, as it fills in my dead moments during work/house work. I never realized the high price that comes with making audiobooks. Only 10% income out of you investment seems a bit low. And very understandable that your not jumping to get a other book recorded. But still…

    Lets say we find a way to help you getting your next book recorded. How?.. Well.. Ever heard about Crowd funding?

    Basically. You let other people that believe in you and your literature, help you to fund getting your books into a audiobook form.

    Why audiobooks? You help people that are Visually impaired a chance to experience your books.

    Kickstarter is one of these crowd funding opportunity sites you can use to accomplish this.

    People funding can donate money. and could get in return a audiobook copy or any other rewards in a upwards iteration. maybe a meet and greet if its a substantial donation. ectr..

    This all will relieve you of the financial burden of recording your audio books.

    There are also a few other advantages.
    – Your books will be more in the public eye(more book sells?)
    – You will already have sold a substantial amount of audiobooks. Thus covering your initial investment.

    If I can help you further, I would gladly bounce some more ideas.


    Mitch Depaepe

    • Author says:

      Thanks for the offer and advice.
      I have a fantastic crowdfunding campaign that could one day get humans to Mars- to live. It will be out by June. WATCH FOR IT!

  5. Peter Parkinson says:

    Dear T I Wade

    As a long distance truck driver here in Australia I don’t get time to read books.. BUT I love Audio Books, and I’m 3/4 way through the second book of America One. LOVE IT!! you have a great writing style- very impressed and I have listen to 1000’s of books.. BUT I don’t think the rest of the America One books are out on Audio Book format, just one man’s dream and the launch…. Is there going to be more Audio books.? I’m ripped …
    thank you for your books
    kind regards
    Peter Parkinson,

    Townsville Australia.

    • Author says:

      Hi Peter,
      I’ve visited Townsville and spent a week on Magnetic Island.
      Producing the audio books are very expensive. So far I haven’t got back 10 percent of the investment after two years, and will continue however if finances allow. AMERICA ONE has a growing reader and listenership in Australia, and all my novels now have some part of the storyline in your country. Get all the truckers to listen, and I promise I will complete the other five books as soon as I can afford to.
      Thanks for listening.
      Tollan Wade

    • Author says:

      And a few reviews somewhere on Amazon or Audible would certainly help, and with your story.
      Kind Regards.

      • Trev B says:

        I to drive for a living, these days there are excellent ways to use your phones to read ebooks aloud whilst driving and its free apart from buying the ebook itself. I use an android phone with a reader called FBReader TTS+, make sure you get the TTS+ version, there are others readers, I believe Moon is another which will read aloud. I would then recommend you also use Ivona as the voice. With these you get a near perfect sound, not like the old computer sounding voices, this sounds just like a human reading aloud. I listen to loads of great ebooks which are not yet available as audiobooks.

        I have also set up my old phone to do the same which was an iphone but I cant remember the names of the programs but I can confirm you can set an iphone to do exactly the same.

        Then you can listen to all of these great books as you drive along, now stress free, enjoying your trip, by escaping into the great worlds these books create in your mind.

        Have fun

  6. Max says:

    Having read all the America One and the Invasion series on kindle via Amazon.co.uk I would now like to start reading your Tolan series but, have you seen the price they are charging for book one? I am afraid that is out of my league for now. Maybe when they drop the price!
    Thanks for very good and enjoyable reads – especially America One. I cannot wait for book 6.

  7. Doug says:

    When will the fifth book come out for the invasion USA series. I have really enjoyed what you have portrayed in the other four books. The are so thrilling and action packed. One of my favorite parts of the idea behind these books are somewhat close to reality and very interesting how we let other country’s give the USA vital parts to military, civilian and financial electronics which makes it easy to disrupt the electronics abilities.

  8. Tim Durand says:

    Just finished the America One series and it took me all of 2 1/2 weeks to finish them all. I was unsure of reading them as I am not really big on space fiction but I am hooked. I would fall asleep almost every night reading. Like most I got the first book free but I had to have the rest of the series so for the first time in a long time I bought a book and then I also bought the rest and I can’t wait for the 5th book to come out so I can purchase it as well. I now have a new favourite author.

    • Author says:

      Thanks for reading Tim. Please remember every review on every novel on Amazon is extremely important to assist others to try out the series. If you purchased them on Amazon, please give me a review on each novel.
      Book 5 is good, the story has an ending, but a thread left to continue a new series.

  9. Just finished Invasion America books 1 and 2. Very exciting stuff, how you keep track of who is doing what to whom is a mystery to me, but I guess that’s the writers art and you are indeed a master of this genre. How long will I have to wait before this hits the big screen? It will be a blockbuster, any studios showing interest? Thanks for a great read.

    • Author says:

      With my three remaining non-fried brain cells, and thought; 24 hours a day!
      Glad you enjoyed them.
      The Banker’s Club will be out mid-November.
      T I WADE.

  10. Douglas Dickson says:

    Innovation USA was an enjoyable read. I will look at America series next. Probably will get through Amazon as I have an auto pay set up them. Dougtrain@suddenlink.net

  11. Darren says:

    Well I have now managed to read Invasion America 2,3 & 4 and cannot wait for the next instalments. Yes there were a couple of proof-reading errors but look beyond these and you have a most enjoaybel storyline which keeps you enthralled. I have put positive reveiws on Amazon for all of these books and look forward to being able to buy the rest of the series.

  12. Rev. Wm Douglas Van Syckle, USN (Ret) says:

    Mr. Wade, I bought Invasion USA I & II and America One on iTunes and enjoyed them. I went back to get the next books and none of your books are there anymore. What happened? I have an account with iTunes and use there reader. I do not have an Amazon account or reader. Please advise
    With respect,

  13. Laurence says:

    I read two of your books America and Invasion and I would be willing to purchase Ebooks of the other sequel books. But I am really not interested in purchasing any books in either softcover or hardcover issues as I have an eye illness and use a 26 inch monitor in order to read ebooks. I have joined free ebooks.com and downloaded their entire library of science fiction books and have done the same at other free ebook sites and other sites I have subscribed to. So I guess I will have to forego the pleasure of reading other books in the series as paper copies of books cannot be read by me.

    • Author says:

      My eyes are also bad. I type to a 27 inch screen.
      All 10 ebooks are available on Amazon.com
      Best to find the ebooks is to look on my Author Page on Amazon and it will give you the entire list of eBooks. Just pick out eBooks and away you go. If you have a problem let me know.
      Regards, and thanks for reading.
      T I WADE.

  14. I got Invasion USA book 1 free, and am hooked. I’ll be buying 2-4 asap. For the people nitpicking, “ok, it’s fiction, and not every author has the time and resources to double check everything they want to include in a plot. If you think it’s easy, try writing your own novel, it’s not as easy as you might think.”

    • Author says:

      Thanks James,
      I appreciate your words, but we must always strive to be better. I do and I’m sure you do, and unfortunately, you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Bad reviews always remind me of the crabs in the bucket story; when one gets ahead, the others will pull it back. Thanks for reading.

  15. tom says:

    dear t. i have read the america 1 series.very good! finish it! good story but full of inaccuracies.
    higher orbits are faster,lower and slower..like a wheel.wrong names by the page.sorry.
    i really like your story telling though and would like to share my own that only you could put justice to.hope that is not too critical.
    great stuff! please contact me i have a ton of ideas that would work perfectly with your writing style!
    tommy d.

    • Author says:

      I understand that more knowledgeable guys will find inaccuracies in the physics of the story. My mitigation plea is that I needed a good story line, as well as try to be accurate. I did not want to do a PhD in astrophysics to write this novel, but to try and make it a smooth believable read for the average reader. I apologize for having mistakes, and appreciate your remarks. Sometimes it is better to leave science fiction in far, far, away land, but with today’s writing, the author doesn’t have several years to complete research, and we don’t make enough money to hire a team of experts. I hope you read on, I believe Book 4 will be a satisfactory ending to this realistic story for you.

  16. Beach says:

    I just finished a marathon reading session of all four of the Invasion USA books and I loved them. I only have one complaint and that is where the “right wing terrorists” are killing farmers and such.
    When has anyone on the right killed anyone or joined up with Communists / Socialists?
    I know we have a lot of RINO’s that go along with the Socialist in Chief but they are politicians and we all know that politicians and diapers should be changed often and for the same reason.

    • Tollan says:

      Thanks for reading. I understand your remarks and agree with you.
      My underlying meanings to the story was that; there is so much going on around us underground, we the general public, don’t know about.
      My US groups joining the bad guys were small groups of extremes, and I believe those type of groups do exist.
      I believe that if we, the general population, knew everything going on behind the scenes, we would not believe it.
      There is such a vast ocean between us, the norm, and the very rich, and the control in Washington by interest groups and others, to me is frightening and disgusting politics; one real fact that entices Right Wing Groups.
      Think about that, and an honest review on Amazon will get more attention to the series by the masses.
      This is my message to wake up the sleeping giant, and, it was only fiction, a story.
      T I WADE

  17. Darren says:

    I have just finished Invasion America (No 1) and had to order 2,3 & 4 without delay. I have a very eclectic range of reading material and this series fits in just nicely with my collection. A very believable premise for a story and (from what I have read so far) well executed. I look forward to starting No 2 (tonight I hope, kids allowing).

    • Author says:

      Thanks for the great words Darren,
      Please, a review on Amazon is always needed. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series and America One might also interest you.
      T I WADE

  18. Jeff Cherrie says:

    I have really enjoyed both the invasion usa & the america one series. Can’t wait for the next books in both series. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Author says:

      Thanks Jeff.
      I have AMERICA ONE Book 3 at the formatters.
      I just completed my last read and check of The Odyssey Begins yesterday and believe you will enjoy it. The editors did, and I believe they did a great job!
      Estimated available date April 24th on Amazon.
      T I WADE.

  19. Kathleen Reiser says:

    Enjoyed each and every one of the Invasion books. Eagerly awaiting book #5.

    • Author says:

      Thanks Kathleen.
      As I say to everyone, please give me reviews on Amazon, all you can. I will get started on INVASION USA V once I’m done with AMERICA ONE in June.
      T I WADE

  20. OldNamVet says:

    Great reading buddy. However, you need a new tech editor.

    1) The Huey – pilot flies right seat, co-pilot flies left seat. The inverse of most fixed wing aircraft.

    2) All American gunships from the AC-47 up through and including the AC-130 have all weapons
    aligned along the port side. They fly a banked counter-clockwise pattern to bring the weapons to
    bear. Also, the Bofors 40mm, although originally an AAA weapon, is used strictly for ground attack
    on AC aircraft.

    3) Preston’s P-38L was never equipped with .30 caliber machineguns although the mockup for the
    original XP-38 armament gondola did have two .50 caliber M2 BMG’s, two .30 caliber MG’s and a
    single Army Ordnance T1 23mm autocannon. Standard combat armament starting with the P-38E
    was four .50 M2 BMG’s and a single Hispano 20mm cannon.

    Alright, I have nit-picked enough! Still a great read all-in-all.



    • Tollan says:

      Thanks for your remarks. After so many months doing research, I missed so many things. I appreciate you telling me for future reference, and glad at least you enjoyed the story. I suppose authors can’t be good at every bit of knowledge.
      Thanks for reading and I hope you continue the story.
      T I WADE

  21. Kris says:

    Waiting on Invasion V can’t wait they are awesome

  22. woodie gray says:

    I have been reading all of the invasion USA books and just finished book 4. Great job and a very plausible plot. I am eager to see the next in the series.

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